Hot Dam!

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July 25, 2012 by MM

Greetings from my bedroom, where I’m lying on my bed in my underwear with the fan on high blowing directly at me.

We finally got some sun! I’m not complaining about the sun, but I will go ahead and complain about how hot the sun makes the air. (See how I did that? Clever!) I’ll also complain about how I’ve had a bad cold for the last three days. The sickness has hampered my ability to enjoy the sun, and the heat has hindered my ability to enjoy my sickness. Because instead of staying in bed with soup and hot tea, I’ve forced myself to go out and enjoy the weather. I think this has probably made my cold last longer, and I’ve felt resentful because there’s only so much fun you can have when your nose is raw from all the blowing. But I’ve had two days off in a row, which is fairly unusual at my job, so I’d be a monkey’s uncle if I was going to waste those days at home in a hot bed.

Monday was the nicest weather day, just in the mid-70s. I rode my bike up to the free rooftop deck of the NEMO Science Center in the Eastern docklands neighborhood (a convenient under-10-minute bike ride from my house), where I met my friends Sam and Jim. We sat in the partial shade at a little cafe there, then walked to an interesting-looking restaurant boat. We had some snacks out on the boat deck, then I suggested that we walk over to a curious slanted building to see what it was. It turned out to be a climbing gym, and right next to it was the most down-home American-looking place I’ve ever seen in Europe. It was a big, wooden, casual restaurant/bar right on the water called Hannekes Boom. Boats were pulling right up to docks outside, and people were sitting all along the edges of the docks, as well as on logs and picnic tables on a large patio and on the roof. Inside, there were comfy chairs surrounding a fireplace, so I look forward to going there on cold days, too. They served a few Belgian beers and lots of food. We got some beers and water, sat on some logs, and enjoyed the breeze.

Yesterday I got my hair done (I decided to stick with blonde, at least for the summer). Then I met up with Sam and Jim again, and we rode our bikes back to the Eastern docklands. First, we ate dinner at a floating Chinese restaurant, which was not at all cheap, but it was air conditioned. Apparently, it was originally intended to float around the city and be at a different spot each week, but they built a bridge that blocked it in. So now it’s there to stay.

After dinner, we went back to Hannekes Boom and sat up on the roof as the sun went down. I left early because I was feeling sick, but as I rode my bike over a bridge, I saw a yellow, low-hanging crescent moon just above old buildings, and the lit-up floating Chinese restaurant reflecting on the water. This city is really disgustingly beautiful.


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