Hallo! That means hello in Dutch. I know this (along with approximately three other Dutch words) because I live in Amsterdam.

So, hallo! And welcome to Dam, Girl! I’m Marcy, an American girl (woman) who suddenly and unexpectedly moved to Amsterdam from Los Angeles, where I had been living for the last nine years, when I was offered a year-long job as an actor at a comedy theatre here.

I found out about the job in late March, and by May 16, I had sold or given away almost all my possessions, moved out of my apartment, driven from California to North Carolina to leave my car with family, done a ludicrous amount of paperwork and “tying up loose ends,” and was ascending the stairs to my new Amsterdam apartment and my new life.

This blog will chronicle the adventures and misadventures of a brand-new American expat in Amsterdam. Thanks for stopping by, and Enjoy!


One thought on “About

  1. ah, your life sounds amazing!

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